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Projects: Real World Science, Health at Risk

Services Provided: series concept, manuscripts, photo research, proofing

Another brand-new publisher, Bow worked closely with owner Ben Mondloch on series that enhance twenty-first century skills. Real World Science provides background on key concepts in science, such as A Changing Earth, Earth Biomes, and Electricity and Magnetism. Each book includes hands-on activities to reinforce basic science concepts. Grades 4-8. Bow created the concepts and brought these books to final product. While working closely with Mondloch's production teams in Minnesota and India, Bow completed all editorial, photo research, and proofed final pages. See review here.

Health at Risk covers the hottest topics in health and nutrition such as, Anorexia, Smoking, and Obesity. Bow came up with concept, wrote manuscripts, completed photo research and worked with Mondloch's production teams to produce final books.

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